Making of a wood burning stove for winter camping

Par Tiphaine

Short video of how a friend and me made a wood stove to camp in a hot tent in winter.

The stove is made of metal and has two glasses on the side. There is two chambers of combustion. Air holes are placed behind the fire which is on a grill. First combustion happen and then smoke goes to the back of the stove. It meets a second air flow which was previously heated along the back. There, the second combustion goes, in the second chamber on the top of the stove.

We had a tent, that was like 3 squared meters. It was -4°c at the beginning of the night and we made the inside go to 28°c !! No trouble to boil water and cook steak on it !

There is absolutely no inertia as there is not enough mass to keep the heat. We woke up at 5 am to restart the fire. Outside, it was -7°c.

We made a one night test with two pulkas/sledges I made with wood and a blue plastic barrel.

I didn’t invent nothing, I copied that wonderful channel but made it with thicker metal :

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